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ALI Spring 2015 Term PDF version of the flyer is available here. Registration for the Onsite courses and Quran... Read more
ALI-291: Achieving wellness through a ‘whole food based diet’ Despite the conveniences offered by our modern day living, the quality of food that we consume... Read more
ALI-298: Welcome to the family: Getting along with in-laws Many couples, young and old, struggle with in-law issues in some way or form. At the same time... Read more
ALI 296: Nature in Sahīfa Sajjādiyya (For ladies only) This course will discuss the supplications of Imam Sajjād (a) regarding natural elements. We will... Read more
ALI-288: Balancing Hope with Fear (for ladies only) Fear of Allah is often considered a negative force that forces an unwilling obedience to the... Read more
ALI-282: Du’ā Makārim al-Akhlāq The class will explore the spiritual and psychological vocabulary employed in this very powerful... Read more
ALI-297: The Nature and Reason for the Occultation of Imam al-Mahdi (af) The webinar will look to demystify the concept of ghaybah and contextualize it by looking at... Read more
ALI-289: Parent-Children relationship in Sahīfa Sajjādiyya The Du‘ās of the Sahīfa contain great wisdom and guidance for daily life. Understanding and... Read more
ALI-295: The Nature of Knowledge in Shia Narrations Epistemology, or seeking the nature, sources and modes of knowledge is one the most important... Read more
ALI-285: Winter health safety tips for young children In this lecture session we will cover some practical advice for parents on how to encourage... Read more
ALI Winter 2015 Term Download the PDF flyer here. I - Onsite Courses for ages 15 and over On site courses are... Read more
ALI-284: Arbaeen Ziyarat Webinar This webinar will discuss the etiquette and significance of pilgrimage to Najaf, Karbala,... Read more

The Academy for Learning Islam (A.L.I.) is a registered charity committed to teaching and explaining the religious tenets, history and practices of Islam according to the Shi‘ah Ithna ‘Ashari school of thought.

Mission Statement

Religious education is an important goal of the Muslim community. Weekend Madrasahs (religious institutions) and Majaalis (gatherings during religious occasions) have played an important role in this task, but a different approach is required for more serious learning through the adult years. Youths and adults need to refresh their Islamic knowledge and inspire themselves on a regular basis.

A.L.I. aims to fulfill this niche through learning that is more structured and serious than that derived through monologue lecturing, but which does not require a long term commitment of time - a short commodity in today’s modern times. Thus A.L.I. conducts classroom based and Distant Learning short courses on various Islamic subjects and furthers Islamic education in the community through publications, retreats, and periodical newsletters.

Browse through the website for information on the services that ALI offers.

  • On-Site Courses - Academic Courses on various Islamic subjects
  • Publications - Books and software applications about Islamic topics
  • Retreats - A combination of Islamic teachings and fun


رسولُ اللهِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): طَلَبُ العِلمِ فَريضَةٌ عَلى كُلِّ مُسلِمٍ... بِهِ يُطاعُ الرَّبُّ ويُعبَدُ ، وبِهِ تُوصَلُ الأرحامُ ، ويُعرَفُ الحَلالُ مِنَ الحَرامِ ، العِلمُ إمامُ العَمَلِ والعَمَلُ تابِعُهُ ، يُلهَمُ بِهِ السُعَداءُ ، ويُحرَمُهُ الأشقِياءُ
The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'The quest for knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim… by virtue of it the Lord is obeyed and worshipped, consanguinal relations are maintained, and the lawful is distinguished from the prohibited. Knowledge leads to action and action follows it. The fortunate ones are inspired by it whereas the wretched ones are deprived of it.'